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The best abs for loosing tummy fat - Friday, July 29, 2011 at 07:58

I often get the question: which are the best abs: lower abs or upper abs? People are always concerned about the type of abs they should do, taking for granted that they have to do abs to lose tummy fat.

Ab exercises are aimed at toning the muscles and not at reducing tummy fa
t. This means that you can't get rid of tummy fat simply by concentrating on stomach crunches alone. Making hundreds of exercise abs will not reduce your tummy fat. Although the fat deposits may appear like they're concentrated on your tummy, they're probably also a problem in your other areas as well. The only way to get rid of body fat is by performing regular cardiovascular exercise because this type of exercise uses fat as a source of energy
If your cardio exercise is running, jogging, or cycling, you should do an entire set non-stop for about 40 to 45 minutes, 4 or 5 times a week, with a HRmax of 60 / 70 %.

Cardiovascular exercise
-60/70 % of HRmax

-40 or 45 minutes per session
-4 or 5 times a week

Cardiovascular exercise combined with a low calorie diet will help you lose the excess of fat. This doesn’t mean that we should not do abs, we have to do abs and combine them with exercises of different muscle groups, in order to strengthen the muscles.
It is well known that strength training increases muscle tissue, which burns more calories than adipose tissue. This means that those people who work on strength training will burn more calories than those who don’t.

Cardio workouts are the only way you can efficiently shed off body fat. All your efforts on core strengthening exercises will go nowhere without the ample cardio workout.

Thanks for sharing, see you next time!

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